As parents we want to make sure are children are safe at all times especially when they are on the computer surfing the web. With Parental control software you can see what your child has been doing on the computer without them knowing.

The internet can be used as a homework research tool as well as a way for your child/ren to chat to their friends from school, listen to music or play games. There are also well-known risks of your child using the internet. If, like all parents, you want to keep an eye on them whilst they are using the computer our software will help you do just that and you don't have to look over your child's shoulder whilst they are on the web. With our software you will be able to stop your child/ren being exposed to unsuitable websites.

Benefits of using Parental control software:

  1. Affordable- Wont Be beaten in price
  2. Password Protect- You child wont be able to disable it if they find it.
  3. Reliable- You child/ren will never know it is there.
  4. Easy to install and set up- Within 10 minuites 

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